"It's an honor & privilege to receive National eGovernance Award 2017-18 - Best District level initiative through ICT in other States for 'eNAM Soil2Sale'." ~Dr. Vikrant Pandeyપૂરક મતદાન મથકો, મતદાન મથકોનું સ્થાનાંતર, મતદાન મથકના નામમાં થયેલ ફેરફાર | Possession of EPIC is not a guarantee of franchise. For being able to cast your vote, it is mandatory that you be registered in the Electoral roll. To check if your name is in the Electoral Roll, you may Search Your Name in Voter List | View Electoral Rolls | call out Helpline number 1950 | send SMS epic < space > < your voter ID Number > to 8511199899

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